Our Collections

World Oral Literature Project Online Collections

We host materials collected by our grantees along with heritage recordings deposited with the Project. Collection updates are posted on this page. Online collections include:

Aileen Margaret Robertson's Senoi / Temiar Collection from Malaysia, 1941-1942

Alan Macfarlane: Interviews with Anthropologists, 1976-2010

Anna Kipervaser, On Look Films, LLC: Voices and Faces of the Adhan: Cairo, 2007

Arnold von Bohlen und Halbach: Tibetan Death Rites, 1979

Carole Pegg: Altaian Heroic Epics: Ritual Practices and Beliefs, 2006, 2010

Centre for Bhutan Studies: National Story Telling Conference, 2009

Daniel Morgan: Ibibio Odeon shellac recordings, 1920s

Daniela Merolla: Verba Africana Series, 2002-2008

Dorji (Rdo rje don 'grub): Tewo County Collection, 2011

Elizabeth Wickett: The Epic of Pabuji Collection, 2009

George Kingsley Roth: Fijian Music, Songs and Dances, 1953-1957

G.yung 'brug: Danba Tibetan Culture Collection, 2008-2010

Ha Mingzong: Mongghul Ha Clan Oral History, 2005 and 2009

Jacob A. Terrell: Archaic Akha, Songs of the Akha Shaman, 2009-2011

John Whitehorn: Paiwan materials from Taiwan, 1950s

John Whitehorn: Paiwan Record Collection, 1964-1969

Katey Blumenthal and Andrea Clearfield: The Folk Music of Lo Monthang, 2008-2009

Kha Bum: Xunhua Tibetan Folk Culture Video Collection, 2008-2010

Madan Meena: Tejaji Gatha Collection, 2009-2011

Molly Loomis: Himalayan Sherpa Collection, 2011

Neil Lanham: The Arthur 'Cocky' King Collection, East Suffolk, 2007-2009

Neil Lanham: The Life and Times of Dick Ruggles, 2004-2005

Plateau Culture Heritage Protection Group: Collections from the Tibetan Plateau, 2006-2012

Rayson K. Alex: Oral Literature of Mudugar, 2010-2012

Rdo rje don 'grub: Rka phug Tibetan Village Cultural Materials, 2010

Robert Cancel: Storytelling from Northern Zambia, 1988-1989

Robert Mayer: Bon po Phur pa Rites at Triten Norbutse, 2010

Ruth Finnegan: Limba Stories and Songs, 1961 and 1964

Stephen Pax Leonard: The Oral Traditions and Communicative Practices of the Inugguit, 2010-2011

Susan Wright: Iran Collection, 1974-1976

Tristram Riley-Smith's Newar field recordings from Nepal, 1979-1980

Uranchimeg Ujeed: Horchin monggul ├╝ligert├╝ daguu (Horchin Mongolian Narrative Songs), 2010-2011

Yangdon Dhondup: Tantric practitioners from Reb kong, Amdo, Tibet, 2010