Fieldwork Grants : Guidelines & Forms

Audio Recording Guidelines

A two-page document with guidelines for fieldworkers on microphones, digital audio recorders, headphones, editing and backup of audio content. We update the document as technologies change.

Audio Recording Guidelines, 123kb - PDF

Field Documentation Sheet

A basic one-page documentation sheet for researchers to use when in the field as a log to accompany their audio or video recordings. This document is meant as a guide which should be adapted or modified according to fieldwork context.

Field Documentation Sheet, 131kb - PDF
Field Documentation Sheet, 78kb - Word

Deposit Guidelines and Form

All researchers preparing to deposit their materials with the World Oral Literature Project must read and complete this form.

Deposit Form, 115kb - PDF
Deposit Form, 62kb - Word

Accession Form

This one-page accession form must be used by researchers when preparing their materials for deposit with the World Oral Literature Project. Each track or recorded segment must have its own accession form.

Accession Form, 131kb - PDF
Accession Form, 78kb - Word

Final Report Guidelines

Suggested guidelines to assist grant recipients when preparing their final report for submission.

Final Report Guidelines 147kb - PDF