Sgrol ma lha skyid: Tha rgyas Village Tibetan Collection

The World Oral Literature Project is pleased to host the collection of Sgrol ma lha skyid. Details of the full collection can be browsed on DSpace@Cambridge by clicking here.

This collection contains two biographical songs, three dancing songs, three folk songs, one speech, seven weddings songs, and two welcoming songs collected in Tha rgyas Village, Rtsa zhol Township, Mol gro gung dkar County, Lhasa City, Tibet Autonomous Region, PR China in June 2007.

Collection Details:

Collection: Sgrol ma lha skyid: Tha rgyas Village Tibetan Collection
Collector: Sgrol ma lha skyid
Date(s): 2007
Language(s): Lhasa Tibetan

1. Tha rgyas Biography 1 / Full of Happiness / 充满欢乐
Such songs are sung antiphonally between hosts during wedding parties in order to entertain guests. This song expresses the wish that people will have a peaceful life.
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2. Tha rgyas Biography 2 / Golden Palace / 金色的宫殿
This song praises great monasteries and lamas.
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3. Tha rgyas Dancing Song 1 / Unknown Title
This song praises lamas and secular leaders and is sung while dancing.
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4. Tha rgyas Dancing Song 2 / Joyful Time / 快乐时光
This lyrics state, "Peace is brought to the world by lamas and secular leaders, and songs and dances are from our parents."
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5. Tha rgyas Dancing Song 3 / Happiness / 欢乐
This song expresses respect for lamas, leaders, and parents who make the world peaceful.
这首歌表达了崇拜喇嘛和领袖,父母使这个世界更加的美 丽与和平。
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6. Tha rgyas Folk Song 1 / Bkris lung pa (untranslatable) / 智隆巴
This song is sung at summer festivals. It pays respect to Buddha and gives thanks to the local deities for protecting villagers from natural disasters.
在夏天的节日上唱这首歌。这首歌展现了对佛陀的尊敬和 感谢神灵在自然灾害中保佑村民们。
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7. Tha rgyas Folk Song 2 / Ge sar's Ornaments / 格萨尔的饰品
This song is sung at summer festivals in the village. It praises male dancers’ traditional dress.
在村里夏天的节日上唱这首歌。这首歌赞扬夏天节日上 跳舞男生们的传统服装。
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8. Tha rgyas Folk Song 3 / Unknown Title
This song praises beauties and traditional dresses in the celebratory gatherings and is sung during the summer festival and New Year celebrations.
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9. Tha rgyas Speech 1 / Lag zhus ba (untranslatable) / 喇西坝
This speech describes how, many centuries ago, five hunters lived near the village. Whenever villagers had a celebratory gathering, the hunters joined them and sang and joked.
这个演讲的意思是解释多少个世纪以前的五个不同的猎人 居住在村庄的周围,每当村民们庆祝聚会的时候那些猎人 就会来参加。并且他们会开玩笑及唱歌。
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10. Tha rgyas Welcoming Song 1 / Yar rlung la (untranslatable) / 亚龙啦
The host praises guests and invites them to drink.
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11. Tha rgyas Welcoming Song 2 / Welcome / 迎接
This song is sung to guests to praise them and encourage them to drink liquor.
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12. Tha rgyas Wedding Song 1 / Rgyal mtshan River / 尖参河
This song expresses the hope that the bride and groom will get along and that the groom's villagers will take good care of the bride.
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13. Tha rgyas Wedding Song 2 / The King of India / 印度国王
This song expresses the wish that the bride and groom will be happy and wealthy.
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14. Tha rgyas Wedding Song 3 / The Sun is Rising / 太阳升起来了
This song praises the bride and groom while describing the criteria used to select a bride.
这首歌赞扬新娘和新郎的同时描述了他们怎样选新娘的标 准。
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15. Tha rgyas Wedding Song 4 / Au lu Snow Mountain / 俄丽雪山
This song praises lamas, deities, secular leaders, dancers, and singers.
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16. Tha rgyas Wedding Song 5 / Place Where Hope is Entrusted / 寄托希望的地方
This song encourages sons or daughters who will marry and stay with their parents, and tells them to listen to their parents and treat them well.
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17. Tha rgyas Wedding Song 6 / 'Grig ze ma la ’grig se (untranslatable) / 周岁马拉周岁
This song describes the day a young woman gets married. It is sung while dancing.
这首歌叙述了女孩过渡到新娘的那一天。这是一首非常 古老而特殊的歌,唱着这首歌的同时跳舞。
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18. Tha rgyas Wedding Song 7 / 'Khrungs g.yog (untranslatable) / 崇亚
This song welcomes guests to the wedding celebration.
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